Beer Bottle Opener

Beer Bottle Opener

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Easy to Carry & Easy to Use!

Bust out this bad boy at parties and start poppin’ caps. Nail your mates as they stand unaware and kick back with a wry smile and your freshly opened beverage.

Product Specifications:

  • Fire away at your friends and foes with this bottle opener!

  • A great conversation starter!

  • Impress your friends at parties and clubs!

  • Maximum shooting range of over 12ft / 3.6m.

  • Ideal as a new drinking game, ice breaker or just annoying friends.

  • Measures approximately 0.7" x 4.7" x 7.4" / 1.78 cm x 12 cm x 18.8 cm


And if you’ve all got one, turn it into a competition. Line up some empty bottles and see who the best shot is. Have fun with your froffs!