Electric Sharpener
Electric Sharpener
Electric Sharpener

Electric Sharpener

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Tired of having to cut, drill, and chisel with a dulled out edge?

Keep your blades sharp and ready for anything with the amazing Electric Sharpener!

Whether it’s your chisels, knives, or even your screwdrivers, this electric sharpener will give you a perfectly sharpened edge every time!

Simply insert the blades in their specialized slots and get perfectly sharpened tips within seconds!

It’s a must-have sharpening tool for every workshop!

Product Specifications:
Voltage: 220V
No-load speed: 1350 rpm
Emery: 180-head special bowl-type grinding wheel
Suitable Sharpening Width: 6 ~ 51mm
Head angle adjustable: 15 ~ 50°

Maintain that perfect edge and sharpen your blades with ease with the remarkable Electric Sharpener!